Vita Saana
Type of Name Bantu Swahili

What is Vita Saana? It is Swahili for war art or art of war Vita Saana is based on Martial Sciences or Self-Defense Vita Saana has four platforms.

  1. Vita Saana African Martial Art or African Fighting Art

  2. Vita Saana Urban Self-Defense Systems

  3. Vita Saana African Culture & Traditions

  4. Vita Saana History & Protocol

1. Vita Saana African Martial Arts

Fighting Arts
Systems of Vita Saana

  1. Lion System

  2. Dragon System

  3. Monkey System

  4. Butterfly System

  5. Snake System

  6. Grasshopper System

  7. Elephant System

  8. Kickboxing System

  9. Wrestling System

  10. Locks & Holds System

  11. Weapons System

2. Vita Saana Urban Self-Defense System
Close Quarter Combat

Tactical & Defense & Offensive
Systems of Vita Saana

  1. Women Self-Defense System

  2. Locks & Holds & Restraint System

  3. MWanzo's Gun Disarmament System

  4. Disarmament System

  5. Street Combat System

  6. Urban Warfare System

  7. Survival Before 911


  1. Spinning Crescent Kick

  2. Spinning Ax Kick

  3. Spinning Drop Kick

  4. Spinning Drop Round House Kick

  5. Spinning Heel Kick

  6. Spinning Jam Kick

  7. Spinning 1/2 Moon

  8. Spinning 1/4 Moon

  9. Spinning Full Moon Kick

  10. Spinning Front Sweep

  11. Spinning Back Sweep

  12. Spinning Jam Sweep

  13. Spinning Nubian Sweep

  14. Spinning Shord Sweep

  15. Spinning Body Sweep

  16. Spinning Sit and Spin Sweep

Vita Saana Fighting Systems


The Dragon uses open and closed hand technique. With kicks that are firm and powerful, Dragon attacks from a well balanced stance. Dragon strikes at the eyes, groin, throat and the temple. More than any other is Sly Dragon is the most deceitful and diabolical. Dragon is also magical and mysterious. Dragon is also well known for defensive skills (Dragon Blocks) and its Tall Whip Lock, Reverse Sweep, Spinning Kicks ECT. Dragon is always ready to spring its trap.

Beware of Jujlisa The Dragon

Sub-Systems Cont.

 Butterfly Style of Vita Saana-Kipepeo

Butterfly style is creatively artistic and creative. Butterfly is constant and vengeful. The movement of the butterfly keeps its' opponent busy by changing its' attack method. Butterfly is energetic, graceful and unpredictable. Butterfly sits, spins, jumps and slaps to almost no end. Butterfly is known for its' confidence, speed and skill. Butterfly strikes three times to its' opponents' one, always willings to go injury for injury knowing the odds are in its' favor. Butterfly is also very flamboyant and colorfully a show off. There is nothing soft or timid about this butterfly, hence it is often called the Iron Butterfly.

Kipepeo-The Iron Butterfly-Catch me if you can!!

Elephant Style of Vita Saana-Tembo

The Tembo style is forceful and dominating, always using its' might to crush the opponent. Tembo the elephant has no fear and is very protective. Tembo is often outraged and is that he is sometimes called suicidal. Tembo is also extremely vengeful; short tempered and not being as agile as the other styles. Tembo relies on rush and grab. Once you are grabbed, beware of the exploding punch that follows. Tembo has hard blocks and strikes that usually corners' an opponent. Tembo is often underestimated because of its' very basic techniques. Tembo is a hot head but always has a battle plan. The biggest mistake to make with Tembo is to in-fight or underestimate. Tembo uses elbows, knees, reverse punches and a lightening fast back-fist. The kicks within Tembo are purposely low and slow, waiting until there is an opening, and then comes the kill.

Sudden death-Tembo-Elephant style!!

Monkey System of Vita Saana-Timbili

An unorthodox fighting system with very agile movements, make Timbili the most difficult of all sub-systems to understand. Electrifying as well as deadly; its' playful nature aligned with fearless, relentless, unforgiving, high-powered, high-energy attitude, embaresses its' opponent air assaults. Hence, it also displays an excellent multiple counter attack.

Do  not try to match wits with Timbili, for it will leave you spellbound.